Meet Rave Repeat Launch Party
24th August 2024 - 2:00 pm
Age Restrictions: 21
Last Entry: 3pm

Welcome to Meet Rave Repeat, we are so glad you found us! We are a rave dating experience organised by seasoned festival organisers for like-minded ravers, with a passion for matchmaking.

We hold outstanding day raves in awesome venues once a week in various cities across the UK! Our team specialise in creating an unbeatable atmosphere, and some of the very best DJs producers and live acts in the UK and beyond.

 We run straight and LGBTQ+ events that cover music genres such as dnb, jungle, house, electro funk, disco, and more!

The idea of rave dating came to life after a few beers in a field on a farm in North Devon, we found that so many of our festival guests had found long-lasting love, based around their love of dance music.

Our single friends seem to constantly be having dating app nightmares with fake accounts, catfish and generally not matching with the right people, after all how can you tell if you will be someone is the right match just from a photo that was probably taken ten years ago? Every single person at our events is verified with photo ID, meaning no more catfish! We are taking meeting new people, back to how it should be, and even if you don’t find love this time, we guarantee you’ll make some brilliant new friends! 

How it works 

Kiss goodbye to all the crap!

Every single person at our events is verified, here’s how it works!💕

🦞If you’re single, and have a passion for a good old rave-up, look no further! Whatever your sexual orientation is we have designed events in cities all over the UK to help you find your lobster.

🥰 Each person is verified by us with a photographic I.D…..

No more fake dates, no more awkward silences, and you already have one of the most important things in common… music!

How it works…👇

We are hosting events in Exeter, Cardiff, Plymouth, Bristol and London , launching in Exeter August bank holiday!

Each event will be for over 21s only and run during the day, ending at around 10 pm, for each event we we encourage festival/rave style clothing, but please don’t feel pressured, just be yourself!

🎟️ We will only sell a balanced amount of tickets to men and women of certain age groups, there is a short questionnaire prior to checkout asking a few simple questions to help us ensure our guest list is well-balanced.

🆔 Each ticket holder must provide a photo I.D and sign in upon arrival.

🎵 Each event will play host to carefully selected well-known and local DJs and producers covering dnb, house music, club anthems, breaks, funk and more.

🌟 Each person will be given three glow sticks and a name badge, if you spark up some chemistry with a fellow raver, simply crack your glow stick and hand it to them to let them know you find them attractive.

🍸 Each event is operated professionally with licensed but friendly SIA security, our LGBGT events are covered by SIA who have years of experience running ‘Pride’ events. We work closely with anti-spiking companies to ensure you are provided with the knowledge and materials to keep your drinks safe.

🚕 If we feel anyone is too drunk to be walking home alone we will ensure a trusted taxi company is called. Your safety is paramount to us. Our events are strictly for single ravers, please don’t attend if you are married or in a relationship, our events are photographed and published, not only is it not cool, you might get busted!

🛑 Groups of lads (Over 3) are not allowed 

We have zero tolerance for abuse of any kind and aim to bring you a safe, raving experience surrounded by your kind of people!

Rave safely, see you on the dancefloor!


Bomba 4 The Quay
Exeter EX2 4AP
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